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Using CoastRTA to Travel Around Myrtle Beach

Coast RTA is the public transportation provider in Horry and Georgetown Counties. Its fixed routes serve: Conway, Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, Garden City, Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island, Sandy Island, Georgetown and Andrews, along with several rural communities.


Bike racks are on each Coast RTA fixed route bus and accommodate two bicycles per rack. 

Bus Fares

Student fares are $1.25 (US) each way and $0.25 to transfer routes on the same trip. 

The City of Myrtle Beach sells select Coast RTA fare passes ($3 value or $10 value) through its City Services location, 921 Oak Street, Myrtle Beach, to J-1 students wishing to ride the bus. The City office is open 8 AM - 5 PM Monday-Friday. Fare passes may be purchased with cash, credit or debit cards through the cashier.  

CoastRTA Bus Routes

Route 21- FREE Entertainment Shuttle (seasonal-summer only)

Route 1- Conway Circulator (service throughout Conway)

Route 7- Conway to Myrtle Beach/Myrtle Beach to Conway

Route 7 Express- Conway to Myrtle Beach/Myrtle Beach to Conway (Limited Stops)

Route 10- Myrtle Beach Circulator (service throughout Myrtle Beach)

Route 15 N- Services key locations north of the Transfer Center along Kings Highway and N Ocean Blvd, including Grand Strand Regional Medical Center (a local hospital and emergency center).

Route 15 S- Services key locations south of the Transfer Center along Kings Highway, including the Myrtle Beach International Airport and Market Common.

Route 16- Services key locations Myrtle Beach to Georgetown, including Kings Highway, Surfside Beach, Garden City Beach, Murrells Inlet, Pawleys Island, Sandy Island and Georgetown

Please have your exact fare or value passes ready before boarding the bus. Bus drivers carry no money and cannot make change. A change card will be provided for future use in purchasing rides on the fixed route buses. 


If you need to take more than one bus to travel to your destination, then you need to purchase a transfer ticket on your first bus. To transfer to another bus and complete your travel one way, please ask the driver for a transfer ticket when you board the first bus and pay your fare. You cannot obtain a transfer ticket to take another bus on your trip at the end of your trip on your first bus.  To use the transfer ticket on your trip, you must catch the next available bus traveling the route to which you transferred. When you board the second bus, give your transfer ticket to the driver.

Have transportation questions? Need more information? Transportation questions that need translation?

Call Coast RTA Customer Service at +1-843-488-0865. Translation services are available to answer any Coast RTA transportation questions. These translation services may be reached by calling Coast RTA Customer Service during business hours. The US IDD # is 001, should you dial from outside of the US.

Use CoastRTA's APP to track buses in real time.

To download the Coast RTA APP and track its buses in real-time: visit 

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Coast RTA

Using CoastRTA to Travel Around Myrtle Beach

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