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Privacy Policy

Coast RTA does not collect personal information about you such as; your name, telephone number, e-mail address, unless you voluntarily submit this information to us by e-mail or other means. Coast RTA treats all personal information submitted through our Website as confidential, and does not sell or disclose such information to any third parties.

When you visit our Website, Coast RTA automatically collects non-identifying information such as; type of browser, IP address, computer operating system, domain name of Website, which you linked to us. Coast RTA may store information on your hard drive as a "cookie", or similar type of file, which we may use internally to help us enhance the efficiency and usefulness of the Website. If you object to this, please consult your Browser documentation for information on erasing or blocking "cookies".

If you use the Coast RTA Website to send Coast RTA an e-mail, ask for information, subscribe for the newsletter, or if you provide personal information in any other way, Coast RTA may maintain the information you provide. Your information may be shared among Coast RTA support services as necessary to respond to your request. This information will be used in the same manner as though it was collected in other ways.

Email sent to Coast RTA through this Website, contact email links, online forms, or otherwise is not completely secure against interception. You may not want to use email if your communication contains personal information that you consider sensitive.

Coast RTA makes use of sound security measures to protect the personal information you submit to us once it is received.

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Privacy Policy

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