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Transit Advertising
Numerous Benefits. Endless Opportunities.

Transit AdvertisingTargeted exposure:

Buses often travel where no other outdoor advertising exists, taking your message directly to your audience. No more waiting for a consumer to come and get your message.

Maximum Frequency:

Buses travel their routes many times a day displaying your message and providing eye level vehicle and pedestrian impact.

Lasting impressions:

Buses are unavoidable and with a repetitive message you will achieve greater market penetration. Transit advertising is the perfect medium for both brand awareness and direct response.

Efficient Advertising:

Transit Advertising is a more cost-efficient and effective than virtually any other medium.

Unlimited creative opportunities:

A wide variety of sizes from full bus wraps to taillight displays allow for innovative and memorable creative presentations.

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Information on full bus wraps may be found at the following links.

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Transit Advertising: Cost Efficient Media that Works!


Brian Piascik
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 843-488-6060

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Transit Advertising
Numerous Benefits. Endless Opportunities.

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